Lecture in European University of Madrid “XIX Soccer Seminar “


Last Tuesday, I got the pleasure of coming back to the European University of Madrid, where I realised my Sports & Sciences Degree.

The reason of this visit was the invitation from the Football professor, María Teresa Gómez, to participate in the “XIX Soccer Seminar”. The content I presented was the same I created for the NSCAA Convention (National Soccer Coaches Association of America). Taking advantage of two hours lesson; I could deliver the lecture session “Game Model the Best Coach – A Cognitive Coaching Approach” and also show them the practical session “Positional Play Exploiting Overloads through the thirds” using the tactics board. Also to reinforce the English subject we worked on presentation document in this language.

In the theory part, I developed a methodology coaching approach addressed to elite soccer environment and to the last development age, from U16s and above. In this methodology, the game model is the epicentre, the learning guide for the players, and for the educator, the contextualized concepts transmission tool. Other characteristic elements are: using the match as key element in the learning process, acting likes a “test”; and the audio-visual presentation of concepts and corrections. The structure of the lecture is:

  1. Game Model:
    • 4 elements: Zones, moments of the game, dynamics structures y game’s centre.
    • Tactical Matrix.
  2. Method:
    • Principles categorization : Habits, Fundamentals Pples. , Game Model Pples. y Strategic-circumstantial Pples.
    • Curriculum:
      • No competition periods: close
      • Competition periods: open (tactical micro-structuration)
    • Micro-cycle
    • The session
    • Method’s weakness Minimization:
    • Contents Volume Control Tool
    • Individual-specific Training
  3. Teaching approach:
    • Contents hierarchical organization.
    • Audio-visual delivery of contents and corrections.

Always is a pleasure coming back which was like your home during 5 years and I enjoyed being on the other side of the table. I hope it was interesting, useful and motivating for the students.

Kind regards!