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Hello Soccer World and welcome to my personal blog!

I hope you’ve had a great seasonal holiday and started the year as you wished. You are reading the first post of my blog. No better way to start that launching my personal website, project in which I’ve been working during the last two months. Here you can find all my previous experience and lastest activity. In this space I will share my actuality, coaching sessions and drills, scouting reports, articules, opinions and anything related with this amazing universe called soccer or football depending where you are original from. You will be able to find all this contents in English and also Spanish. I hope you like it, enjoyed the readings and even more important you get something back from it for your personal or professional use. Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries through the website contact form. Please share this in your social networks if you find it interesting or useful! Happy New Year! Carlos Antón @CarlosAntonC
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