It’s been a long time without posting, activity that I would like to return to.

There isn’t bigger joy for a coach, especially for those who work in youth development, such as observe how his players are reaching the professional football. Fortunately I’ve already enjoyed this feeling several times, but one of the latest is special. Because of the way it has been built, with values like work ethic, humility & emphatic fellowship, all of this attributes in capital letters and with any “stain”. A first class captain.

If what has just been mentioned above is the biggest joy, then the biggest recognition for a coach is that player who coached after the years still have time to share a coffee when come back home for Christmas, still refers to you as Gaffer and during one of this meetings surprise you with a match t-shirt of one of his first professional matches. There is a bigger reward for our work and dedication.

Thanks CAPTAIN, thanks Rafa Munoz.